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I just wanted to say a few words about exercising during pregnancy.

As in my case, under the supervision of experienced trainers and the consent of the doctor, it can only benefit the expectant mother.
Exercise has helped me overcome many of the well known discomforts of pregnancy, examples including mental wellbeing, reduced stress, increased energy level, and maintaining ideal weight.

I am in my 8th month and I feel great!

My doctor commends me that I have been exercising all this time and the baby is progressing very well! Of course I had the advantage of having the guidance of the exceptional trainers at PALMOS with lots of knowledge, care and personal involvement in order to maintain a good physical condition at this stage of my life.

I really thank them and congratulate them for their work.

In conclusion I want to say to all women who are or will be in my position, not to be afraid to exercise during the 9 wonderful months enjoying the many benefits of exercise!

Pervolianaki Roula


Γυμναστική για εγκύους

Γυμναστική για εγκύους

Γυμναστική για εγκύους

Γυμναστική για εγκύους

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