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Weight Management

It is known that for many people, losing weight is a difficult task and maintaining ideal weight even harder.

It is important to put realistic goals, to monitor the results by measuring the fat you lose and not just weight.

The basic key to achieve the ideal body fat is:

  1. Exercise program that does not strain the person, to be made ​​on the basis of his capabilities to feel great and increases the burn. Three times a week is enough for someone to start this effort.
  2. Healthy and balanced diet to give our body the ingredients that are necessary for proper operation without feel deprivation. Extreme diets and deprivation affect the body and the result does not last long.
  3. Positive thinking and good psychology is the cornerstone for the success of our goals. We take strength from the positive results of our efforts and honestly face our weaknesses.

The experience and guidance of trainers and associates will help you set your goals and reach them methodically and successfully.